My newsletter is a curated list of ideas into the “labyrinth” of human nature (to quote John Adams).

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My motivation is simple, to "promote useful ideas” – from writing, history, science, books, philosophy, and society. To quote Benjamin Franklin as he put forth the conversation topics for the American Philosophical Society (which he started), I aim for The Newsletter to cover…

all philosophical [scientific] experiments that let light into the nature of things, tend to increase the power of man over nature, and multiply the conveniences or pleasures of life…

Put simply: anything that makes me think, "Huh, I never knew that!" about an event in history, a neat invention, or a fascinating person...will go in this newsletter. I do this for one reason: I recognize the importance of promoting knowledge. I also recognize the dilution of insights and ideas published on the internet today, so I think it's important to invest time in curating a thoughtful collection of content that is educational, entertaining, and has stood the test of time.

I like to learn, so if you do too, join me.